May 13-14 Opening Weekend

We’re back! The Queen is on Progress and has come to Staffordshire. The whole village is abuzz with preparations: merchants have arrived to set up their wares, the kitchens are busy preparing turkey legs and other savory fare, and traveling players have arrived, ready to amuse Her Majesty (and you).

May 20-21 Celtic Heritage

Bring out your kilts and celebrate our Celtic History!

May 27-28 Military History

This weekend only, to honor their service, we admit active, reserve and retired military personnel at no charge. (Military ID required, does not include dependents.)

June 3-4 Pirate Invasion

The shire is awash in pirates and privateers!

June 10-11 Closing Weekend

This is your last chance to enjoy the Faire until next year!

Download the 2017 Vendor Application. Submit your application by March 1st to get “Eary Bird” pricing!



24 thoughts on “2017 Announcements

      1. Any piece of paperwork (or snap a picture on the phone) with her name on it that would serve as proof she served. (For the record, we’recommend not belittling the contributions and sacrifices that spouses and dependents make. We just had to choone between keeping it to only active and dependents or extending to retired and reservists. We chose to extend a little bit of benefit to as many families as possible.)


    1. I’m afraid not. We’ll be announcing our theme weekends soon. But they tend to fall into the Celtic, Pirate and Military History theme. We try to stick close to our Elizabethan time period.


  1. Meredith, please contact me at I’ve received no reply from the musicians Web site about playing at VARF this year. I really want to be there with an exciting presentation of music for the Faire. Thanks, Tommy


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