Discover the magic in the age of chivalry and romance as the Renaissance comes to life once again in Virginia.

Escape from your daily routine and stop back in time by visiting a charming English country village. Join nobles and fools, merchants and peasants, minstrels and dancers.

Delightful entertainment on multiple stages and throughout the streets is sure to keep you captivated. Jugglers, magicians, comedians, music and more fill the stages. Thrill as knights on horseback thunder toward each other, lances drawn. Learn the art of jousting from Her Majesty’s knights, from putting on armor to training exercises to actual combat. See how archery played a central part in Renaissance life, from food to sport to military defense.

The Archers of Staffordshire will demonstrate these skills and you can even have a lesson the long bow or participate in the daily archery contest.

Gaze upon Her Majesty’s greyhounds as they demonstrate their hunting prowess upon the tilt yard. Fill your ears and raise your glass to music and song in the village pub.

Feast on turkey legs, scotch eggs, fish and chips, crepes and more. Have your tankards filled with beer, wine, cider, mead and a variety of soft drinks. Eat drink and be merry!

Visitors to the Faire discover a fantastical array of activity amidst the bustle of a busy market day in the village.

Peruse the finest handcrafted wares: jewelry, pottery, swords, armor, leather goods, woodworks and so much more.

Be knighted by the Queen, participate in a Pike Drill, sing along at the Tavern Sing, delight your imagination with costumed characters, dancers, musicians and so much more!

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